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Founding Story

Where It All Started

CowTown Headache Center is founded and staffed by a passionate headache provider. 

Andrew is passionate about headache medicine as he has experienced it first hand. He has over 10 years of headache experience through his first responder, nursing and Physician Assistant experience. His wife is a chronic migraine survivor. Without getting too personal, he has witnessed some of the worst of what these can do. After watching his wife become more and more disabled, after multiple trips to the ER, Neurologist, other physicians and multiple test; it was not until seeing a Headache specialist did improvement start for his wife. As he saw the treatment regimens for this severe disabling headache disorder, he gained a level of confidence and knowledge with treating headaches that he would soon realize other physicians or providers would not have. When working in the past Neurology clinics and becoming a Certified Headache Provider Andrew was able to utilize some of his learning and make a difference in his patients lives. At CowTown Headache Center he intends to do just that.

After a few years of working in general neurology and with headache patients Andrew realized that he wanted to focus on treating headaches, migraines, concussion and facial pain disorder patients as there continues to be a huge amount of miss-information and miss-treatment of these patients: to include patients not being taken seriously and made to feel like drug seekers or abusers. He has an Added Qualification in Headache Medicine from the National Headache Foundation. 

Andrew LaVear PA-C, AQH founded the clinic along with Dr. Peter O'Carroll, M.D. to help headache suffers. Andrew is the primary treating provider, and Dr. O'Carroll serves as the Medical Director, providing administrative and clinic support.

Why Us: About

Why A Headache Clinic?

Short video on physician's training in headache (or lack of training) and why AQH matters.

Exceeding Expectations, One Patient at a Time

How we can help!

There are over 100 different headache disorders that patients may suffer from. Some of the most common headache disorders are: tension type headache, migraine, cluster headache and post-traumatic headache. Every headache disorder has its own specific and best treatment. Getting the diagnosis correct is the first step in that treatment process. 

50% of all Headache Disorder patients are misdiagnosed.

Most patients have seen a variety of providers who do not specialize in headache medicine before they see us without any significant relief. 

Headache problems usually stem from a complex medical disorder that requires dedicated training, expertise, and compassion. If you are not satisfied with your care, you deserve to be seen by a headache specialist. Do not give up hope!

As Headache Specialists, we only treat Headache Disorders.

We follow headache/migraine-specific treatments or evidence-based treatment guidelines published by the American Headache Society (AHS), National Headache Foundation (NHF) and the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), and we avoid prescribing harmful and dangerous drugs (narcotics, opioids, barbiturates and benzodiazepines).

We also identify any other comorbidities typically associated with primary and secondary Headache Disorders, such as anxiety & depression, sleep disorders, obesity and help develop a treatment plan with a multidisciplinary team. 

Why Us: The Clinic
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